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Jay-Oh - All I Ever Knew

All I Ever Knew - 2019

All I Ever Knew is the debut studio album by Jay-Oh off Killumbia Inc. Records. It contained the singles: HDB, I Got It, Wavy & Right Now. Executively Produced by: King Killumbia. The album contains no features.

2019 Killumbia Inc. Records

VOYAGES - 2017

VOYAGES - 2017

Voyages is a joint album by Jay-Oh and co-artist Gunna Too Real. The album features 8 songs with a couple skits. It contains the singles Shadow & Stay Alive. 

2017 Killumbia Inc. Records

Jay-Oh & Bleggie - Millennium EP

Millennium EP - 2015

Millennium EP is a short album by Jay-Oh with co-artist Bleggie. The album features 6 songs & serves as a landmark for his newly toned sound! The album contains songs of the pair toeing back & forth on records, with no features.

2015 X-Rated Mafia Records

Jay-Oh - Limitless

Limitless - 2014