Real Name: Justin Van O'Neal
Born: March 5, 1993 (Columbia, South Carolina)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 
Albums: All I Ever Knew, Limitless, Inception
Record Labels: Killumbia Inc. Records, X-Rated Mafia Records

Jay-Oh is a recording artist from Charleston, South Carolina. He is an inspiration to the new generation of up and coming artists. He is signed to Killumbia Inc. Records & is the founder of the #SCMUZIK movement. He began his music career back in 2012 and released his first mixtape by 2013. He released his second album 'LIMITLESS' two later! It showcased a new sound and style as well as features from state heavyweights King Killumbia & Ben G.   

In 2018 he released his newest project All I Ever Knew. Currently he is working on his fourth studio album executively produced by King Killumbia. Set to have several celebrity features. His confidence and strive has taken him through many shows and many moments. Jay-Oh is here to share his story to the world and represent for South Carolina. 

Jay-Oh has worked with artists such as King Killumbia, Ben G, Jesse Leprotti, Nique the Geek, MET G, Fresh Demarco and more!


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Jay-Oh - All I Ever Knew

All I Ever Knew - 2019

All I Ever Knew is the upcoming studio album by Jay-Oh off Killumbia Inc. Records. Information & release date coming soon.

2019 Killumbia Inc. Records

Jay-Oh - Limitless

Limitless - 2014

Jay-Oh released Limitless in 2014. It also featured many unreleased tracks he recorded under Adelfi Music Group & several new songs under X-Rated Mafia Records. The album had notable features by: Devin Patrick (King Killumbia), Ben G, Jesse Leprotti, MET G, Nique the Geek & more. 

2013 X-Rated Mafia Records/Adelfi Music Group


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