Real Name: Jason Michael Paulk
AKA: Jason Kidd
Born: March 12, 1988 (Rock Springs, Wyoming)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 
Albums: Self Made Savage, Kiddonomics, Kiddonometry 101, Freestyle King EP, This is J-KIDD
Record Labels: Killumbia Inc. Records, X-Rated Mafia Records, Konspiracy Records

J-KIDD is a recording artist from South Carolina. In 2007 he caught the attention of SC rap legend King Killumbia on Myspace with his album "This is J-KIDD" and was shortly signed to his label (X-Rated Mafia Records). There He released his debut album Kiddonometry 101 in 2010. Around that time King Killumbia signed to Def Jam artist Lil Ru. During this time KIDD was working on his follow up album "Kiddonomics" but due to Kidd getting caught up in criminal charges, the album was delayed. He went on to finish the album and release several music videos. 

J-KIDD & King Killumbia joined back forces & he began working on his third album "Self Made Savage" in 2017. Releasing songs "Jason Kidd & Better than Me (feat. King Killumbia)". Currently the label is finishing up masters on his unreleased mixtapes & releasing "Self Made Savage".



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Kiddonomics is the follow up to J-KIDD's 2010 album Kiddonometry 101. This album really defined and laid down the sound of his more known work. It featured singles My Lane, Old School, Styrofoam & Pillz in my Cup. KIDD released music videos for several songs off the record. Devin Patrick (King Killumbia), OJ Tiago, Dusty Roadz & MET G, where the only notable features on the album.

2013 X-Rated Mafia Records

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J-KIDD's debut album off X-Rated Mafia Records. He began recording the album back in 2007. Due to KIDD getting incarcerated and later becoming a father the album was pushed back and later released in 2010. Devin Patrick (King Killumbia), Dusty Roadz & MET G were the only notable features on the record. It was originally recorded as a mixtape hosted by Crunkalonius, but later distributed as a studio album do to the song content being more album material.

2010 X-Rated Mafia Records

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Short 6 track EP released by X-Rated Mafia Records while J-KIDD was recording Kiddonometry 101 from 2007-2009. Freestyle King included a unreleased freestyle with 4 songs & the demo recording of Throw Them Dollas. Devin Patrick (King Killumbia) was the only feature on the record.

2009 X-Rated Mafia Records

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