Members: Vegas Pendragon, Merlot Magik
AKA: Pyramid Gang
Real Names: Bryant Cook, Brandon Murray

Occupation: Musical Group
Genre: Hip-Hop/RapĀ 
Albums: Bully the Game

Record Labels: Killumbia Inc. Records, Team Black Sheep Productions

VegasMagik is a rap group that consists of two emcees (Vegas Pendragon & Merlot Magik) coming from Charleston, South Carolina.

Being producers and emcees give their music a different touch than others also being diverse is the main ingredient for their music. They have been featured as freshmen on the 2014 Geechee One Freshmen List.

In 2018 they were signed to Killumbia Inc. Records. They have worked with artists such as King Killumbia & Sunset Black.




VegasMagik - Bully the Game

Bully the Game - 2014

Bully the Game is the joint album by Vegas Pendragon & Merlot Magik. Released in 2014 the singles on the record were Ball Back, Fall In and Sippin' & Swervin'.

2018 Killumbia Inc. Records/Team Black Sheep Productions


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