Real Names: Bryant Cook
Occupation: Musical Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 
Albums: Before the Wave, Home Coming, Bully the Game
Groups: VegasMagik

Record Labels: Killumbia Inc. Records, Team Black Sheep Productions

Vegas Pendragon is a recording artist from Summerville, a small town outside Charleston SC. Being influenced by the likes of Kanye West, T-Pain, Chevelle, Evanescence, and Drake. Vegas shares his story about his viewpoint and standing in events of his life and the world. 

In 2016 Vegas released his debut project "Before The Wave" . Which had garnered him a cult like fanbase. He also is 1|2 of a rap group called VegasMagik in 2014 he put a mixtape out called "Bully The Game" which also was successful. 

In 2018 He signed to Killumbia Inc. Records. He was worked with artists such as King Killumbia & Sunset Black.




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