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Real Name: Justin Shawn Tolbert
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 
Albums: Star in my City

Record Labels: Slummerville Records, X-Rated Mafia Records, Area 51 Music Group

Sunset Black is an independent Recording Artist from South Carolina.  He is better known for his work with Lil Chuckee, Lil Wyte, Pastor Troy, King Killumbia, Marly Mar & Pluto Dash. He is part of the rap group Area 51, with Gent Jack. 

Additionally he has toured in over 30 states along side Yung LA & many more...  Sunset began writing music at the age of 18 in 2005 Later he formed rap group M2S with Gent Jack & several local artists. 

It wasn't until 2013 when he signed to X-Rated Mafia Records, he appeared on several collaborative tracks with King Killumbia, Gent Jack & a few others before releasing his debut album "Star in My City". A fast paced fun but dark album. After creative differences working on his follow up record he was let out of his contract and began to pursue an independent route... 

Currently in 2018 he is rebranding himself after releasing several music videos & preparing to release another solo project, as well as BlackJack a joint album with Gent Jack.