About Killumbia

Killumbia was created by South Carolina recording artist King Killumbia. He first began to use the word in 1998 as a play on the name Columbia, SC.

In 2014 he released the Killumbia anthem featuring some SC Rap Legends. The planning of the song begin in late 2010 when he was signed to Head Hunter Records and released in late 2014. Following the success and reputation of the single, many people tried to copy or take the name so King Killumbia had it trademarked.

Since then Killumbia has grown to be the official street name of Columbia, SC & has changed Carolina culture, It even spawned a mega-hit YouTube series generating over 15 Million views worldwide. King Killumbia teamed up with iShootVideos, allowing them to use the name for the series. Per the deal he would retain credit on each episode, along with him being the Show's graphic designer. He even appeared in a few episodes as Detective Anderson.